We help companies with their change projects – and the results speak for themselves!

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We understand what change is.

We have helped countless companies see through their change projects – and the results speak for themselves! Why? Because we feel passionately about our clients’ success, and we know all about what introducing change means.

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Passionately committed to our clients’ success.

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As a learning organisation, you want to react quickly to market changes to stay one step ahead of the competition. At impatto, with our proven intervention repertoire in organisational psychology, we will help you make that change.

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Today, changes have a bigger impact and their effects are more difficult to predict than they once were. Work standards are higher, and new behavioural skills are gaining in importance. You need to know what skills will give you the edge in the future. At impatto, we will help you with your project, providing tailor-made solutions based on occupational psychology.

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Our rapidly evolving world is increasingly forcing businesses to make dramatic changes. These changes often cause uncertainty and anxiety among your employees and managers. At impatto, we provide you with individual psychological expertise to support you in your upcoming changes.

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Driven by passion.

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What’s special about impatto? They are not about formulas and cheap tricks, they are about advice that comes from the heart, a fascination with achieving together – this is how they manage to reach your customers and work with you to explore new avenues.

Bodo Janssen – entrepreneur
Ralph jeitziner web

Why impatto? Because they really understand behavioural psychology and get it across easily and clearly so that we practitioners can put much of it into practice immediately. And because they consistently follow implementation right through to success!

Ralph Jeitziner - Head of Distribution, Helvetia
Urs gauch raiffeisen web

What does it mean to work with impatto? It means having behavioural experts in the same boat as you, pulling in the same direction, who don’t give up, who give their all until we cross the finish line together. They strive and celebrate with us and become part of our team.

Urs Gauch - Head of the Corporate Clients & Subsidiaries Department, Raiffeisen
Roland held geberit web

What do Geberit and impatto have in common? Passion. Geberit is passionate about ceramics, and impatto has the same passion for personal development. This passion enables impatto to reach out to our factory workers so that they become involved in the processes of change and grow personally.

Roland Held – Head of Corporate Human Resources, Geberit


We have already helped countless companies from all over Switzerland implement their change projects, also working with their subsidiaries abroad. Here is a selection.

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We understand what change is.

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People who share a passion.

We love success! That's why at impatto we can count on a team that is passionate about our clients’ success.

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Expertise gets results!

impatto stands for effectiveness, for impact. To be effective, you need expertise. That's why at impatto we draw on a network of proven business and scientific experts.

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