We understand what change is!

In an ever-changing business world, success comes to those who are able to adapt to new circumstances. At impatto, we accompany businesses during their adaptation processes.

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We know it's not easy to manage change.

You need to make organisational changes. At times, you need to acquire new skills and at others, it is behavioural changes at team or individual level that are called for. That is why what we do at impatto focuses on the areas of organisation, task and the individual/team.



Thinking of making a change in your organisation? We can help you make that change by drawing on our repertoire of interventions based on our proven organisational psychology approach.

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Want to know which job requirements and skills will be crucial in the future? We will support you in your project, providing solutions based on occupational psychology.

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Individual / team

Team individuum

Want to prepare your employees for upcoming changes? We will advise you, drawing on our expertise in individual psychology.

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As a learning organisation, you want to react quickly to market changes to stay one step ahead of the competition. At impatto, with our proven intervention repertoire in organisational psychology, we will help you make that change.

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Revamping your corporate strategy
Changing market conditions sometimes mean you need to revise your business strategy or develop a new one; we will help you using the EKS® method, the strategy that focuses on identifying bottlenecks.

Making your organisation more agile
Your organisation needs to adapt more quickly to market conditions. That's why you want to question convention, try out new and unusual approaches and use these to enhance your success. We will help you using the principles of “mould breaking”.

Improving performance
You want to boost your performance. We will show you how to enhance your performance with ProMES®, a participative, psychology-based method.

Cultural change
You plan to prepare your organisation for upcoming challenges and are convinced that to achieve this, you need to change your corporate culture. Using the ValueMatch® approach, we highlight the dynamics between your people and your organisation and use these insights to foster cultural change.

Fostering collaboration
You want to promote cooperation between departments. We use organisational development methods to enable employees, teams and departments to cooperate more effectively and more successfully.

Breaking the mould – from a results-oriented to a value-oriented organisation

“Changes in organisations only have a chance if people experiment with new patterns,” says Franz Koller, general agent of the insurance company Mobiliar-Agentur Mittelthurgau.

We were obsessed with our remuneration system, perfecting our management cycle and conducting innovative sales training courses: every meeting had to include an “out-of-the-box” talk, and we thought we’d introduced “new thinking” and “revolutionary” changes. Until we realised: superficially, we were preaching uniqueness, but behind the scenes, everything was just levelling out. Our results remained virtually unchanged.

But then, recently, with the help of impatto, we came to the following realisation: this was not about perfecting the status quo. What really matters is a change of perspective. With the support of impatto, we began to question all the patterns, working with them to lay the foundations of a value tree. We put our relationship with our client at the centre and set out to achieve our motto: “we are responsible for the safety of our clients.” We dissolved our existing organisational structures and formed new interdisciplinary teams from sales, sales support and claims. We adjusted the remuneration system and set up a centre of competence to help the teams with tricky questions. The result? We've never had such great figures, and responsibility for performance is evenly distributed. And the most important thing: we feel passionate about our everyday work. All I can say is this: “impatto understands change”.

Bodo janssen web

What’s special about impatto? They are not about formulas and cheap tricks, they are about advice that comes from the heart, a fascination with achieving together – this is how they manage to reach your customers and work with you to explore new avenues.

Bodo Janssen – entrepreneur


Today, changes have a bigger impact and their effects are more difficult to predict than they once were. Work standards are higher, and new behavioural skills are gaining in importance. You need to know what skills will give you the edge in the future. At impatto, we will help you with your project, providing tailor-made solutions based on occupational psychology.

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Expanding your strategic business
You want to expand a strategic business area and want to know which new skills are required. We use the Critical Incident Method to determine which skills are relevant for particularly effective and efficient action.

Improving training quality
You want to offer even more effective training and transfer skills to everyday work situations more effectively. We will analyse the effectiveness of your offer and use the TransferStärke® (strength transfer) method to exploit your potential for improvement.

Improving service quality
You work in the services sector, so your success depends on the quality of your service. You want to know exactly which factors constitute quality from your customers' point of view and where you have the greatest potential for improvement. We will use the Servqual method to identify the most important factors and show you how to optimise your service.

Establishing a new brand identity
You need to know which behavioural skills are critical to creating a new brand experience. You want to use this insight to ensure your brand ambassadors are successful in the market. We will help you do this by using occupational psychology analyses to determine the key skills you need.

How the key to success helps make brand values stand out even more!

Ralph Jeitziner, Head of Distribution, Switzerland, decided that the in-house sales channel – the most important distribution channel – had to ensure that this brand promise came across to customers with even greater clarity. That was the goal he had in mind when he approached impatto.

einfach, klar, helvetia (simple, clear, helvetia) – this is the promise of the Swiss insurance company Helvetia. “simple” means making insurance advice easier to understand, more attuned to people’s needs and more accessible. “clear” means comprehensible, individual and optimum insurance solutions. “helvetia” is the go-to solution for everything to do with insurance and pension plans.

How did impatto meet this challenge?
I was impressed by the way impatto's consultants addressed this task. They shadowed our successful customer advisors for six months to observe who was already delivering on this promise and how. On the basis of these individual behavioural patterns, they formed what they called behavioural clusters and compared them with generally accepted psychological principles applied to sales. Their aim in doing this was to set out our approach on an objective, scientific basis that was not dependent on particular individuals. And they did this in a “helvetia-like” way: simply and clearly. The key to success emerged from this: a sales process featuring six “key moments”. These are the moments that make the difference when it comes to getting the message across to our customers; the moments when customers get what simple.clear.helvetia means.

Scientific subjects are rarely thought of as simple.
This is what impressed me most when working with impatto: they really know how to simplify complicated psychological relationships so that we practitioners can apply them directly. That is why our customer advisors responded very positively to this approach. And that’s when the scientific approach turns out to be a great asset: it convinces our advisors that the process works and that our customers actually perceive the brand promise the way it was intended.

And how has this affected our business?
The introduction of the key to success is a success story in itself – and our successes are also reflected in our figures. impatto understands change and has fulfilled its own brand promise: “Passionately committed to our clients’ success.”. And we are already planning the next project together.

Ralph jeitziner web

Why impatto? Because they really understand behavioural psychology and get it across easily and clearly so that we practitioners can put much of it into practice immediately. And because they consistently follow implementation right through to success!

Ralph Jeitziner - Head of Distribution, Helvetia

Individual / team

Our rapidly evolving world is increasingly forcing businesses to make dramatic changes. These changes often cause uncertainty and anxiety among your employees and managers. At impatto, we provide you with individual psychological expertise to support you in your upcoming changes.

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Improving self-management skills
You want to prepare your workforce for upcoming changes. Our answer is to teach your employees “the art of self-motivation”. We provide a five-step self-management training course based on an in-depth personality profile.

Strengthening mental resilience
Your employees have to deal with increasing stress levels at work and you know how important it is to boost their mental resilience. Through our method, they will learn to cope better with professional demands and enjoy their work more. Using the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®), we will show you how to improve your employees’ resilience

Preparing your management team for future challenges
“Only those who can manage themselves can manage others.” With this motto in mind, you want to prepare your management team for upcoming changes. Based on a comprehensive personality theory, we will design a customised management programme that starts by assessing each individual’s current position and culminates in a personal development plan.

Optimising teamwork
It’s not finances, strategy or technology – it’s teamwork that will give you the greatest competitive edge. Therefore, you want to create a strong team. We will show you how to overcome the all-too-human behavioural traits that can disrupt a team and sow the seeds of dysfunctionality to create a leading team.

Fostering a committed attitude to work
In a competitive services company, you need to count on your employees going beyond just “going through the motions” at work: they need to work with commitment and dedication. At impatto, we use the Work Engagement Monitor® tool to measure commitment to work and the job crafting method to improve your employee’s attitude to work.

From a “work shop organisation” to a “one piece flow process organisation” – or when change needs support!

“At the beginning, we were all a little sceptical. But after each module of this course, we started to get a good feeling that we were making personal progress,” says Martin Szafarczyk, plant manager in Wesel.

From a “work shop organisation” to a “one piece flow process organisation” – or when change needs support!

The Wesel ceramics plant is facing a drastic change. The entire production process is to be converted from a “work shop organisation” to a “one piece flow process organisation”. That is why the plant’s senior management wants to ensure its management team is ready for the challenges ahead. The aim of this further training initiative – focusing on personal development and management behaviour as well as corporate culture – is to help achieve this. The plant manager in charge, Martin Szafarczyk, is convinced that he has taken the right course.

Why do we need this training, this leadership training?
Two years ago, our ceramics plant in Wesel became part of Geberit. Before that, we were part of the Sanitec group. So, we were new to the Geberit culture, and in some respects our management style did not tie in with the approach that Geberit had been taking for many years. On top of that, we had never had an opportunity to develop our training in this way, to question ourselves in order to progress personally.

Was there a particular reason for starting this training course now?
Fundamental changes are taking place at our plant now – as in many others – and more will take place in the near future. Everyone feels that this process needs guidance and support. We know that there are obstacles to overcome, for our employees and for ourselves, and we want to learn to approach them optimistically.

Who is taking part in the leadership programme? And what are the issues involved?
All plant managers will attend the training course, which consists of six modules. There are several foremen, supervisors, plant managers, plus the laboratory manager, model development manager, the production manager and employees holding various other positions. During the leadership programme, we have learned to understand and trust each other. Without this, the training course would not have been possible. At the beginning of the series, each person, assisted by a sophisticated online test and subsequent discussions, explains exactly what they want to change so they can cope more effectively with the challenges ahead. Valuable tips are provided on “how to” or “how not to” do things. One important condition is that the topic must be relevant to both the person and to the company.

How do you rate the training programme?
The entire leadership team was critical at the beginning. Most had never participated in a training programme of this kind. That is why it is all the more gratifying that everyone told me that the training was valuable and helped them cope with the changes on a daily basis. Even though it is a lot of hard work to overcome deeply rooted patterns of behaviour, I can see progress in all of them, and employees have noticed it too.

Roland held geberit web

What do Geberit and impatto have in common? Passion. Geberit is passionate about ceramics, and impatto has the same passion for personal development. This passion enables impatto to reach out to our factory workers so that they become involved in the processes of change and grow personally.

Roland Held – Head of Corporate Human Resources, Geberit